Leonardo’s Lounge is the social lounge and convenience store of Carleton Engineering, brought to you by CSES! Leo's is where you'll find the cheapest food on campus, and if you're up for a game of euchre, Settlers of Catan, Risk, chess, or just feeling chatty, then this is the place to be. Leo's is 100% volunteer-run by regular students like you putting in one-hour shifts each week!

Leo’s Lounge was constructed in the summer of 1996 and completed on September 16th of that year. It was only made possible by the volunteer time and renovation skills of dedicated students. Leo’s has since changed looks many times, but it always embraces the spirit in which it was created.


Leo’s accepts cash, credit, debit, and even Canadian Tire money at face value!

This year Leo's is online as well! You can check out our Discord server here:

This year's General Managers (GMs) can be reached by emailing

3342 Mackenzie


Open Monday - Fridays

8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Fall & Winter Terms


The menu is currently in flux, so check in in-person!