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The Passport is your official guide to studying engineering at Carleton. Think of it as a quick-start guide for success! Inside you'll find helpful tips and tricks from upper years, start-of-the-year checklists, info on bus routes and landmarks around the city, the best places to find your textbooks, and some of the lore behind the crazy and wonderful C-Eng community you're now a part of!

It also contains a guide to the social side of things for the year, with a list of most of the events and volunteer opportunities through CSES and C-Eng groups, alongside spots for you to track your involvement (you'll hear these referred to as "stamps"). At the end of each year, Passports are reviewed by Flightsuit Committee and students with enough stamps can receive their very own Flightsuit. Additionally, the person with the most stamps at the end of the year is awarded the coveted Social Ace Patch!

Passport Cover '23-'24.png

COMING SOON: The 2023-2024 Passport is coming back to print! Grab your copy from the CSES Office very soon! In the meantime, you can download a virtual copy by clicking the image above!

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