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Wondering what CSES provides to our affiliated groups? Check out the list of services we offer below!

Student Group Funding (SGF): 

Groups and societies that are affiliated with CSES are eligible to apply for Student Group Funding (SGF) to help with the purchase of materials, travel expenses, events costs, etc. More information can be found on our SGF page.

Free Club-Use Printing:

Each student group will receive free printing from the CSES office! Our printing costs are already the cheapest on campus, but we want to go even further to help you advertise your events and services to your members!  We can even do 11 x 17s! And colour! Wahoo! 

Ad Promotion:

We will share your social media posts as appropriate, publish your ads in the Iron Times, ensure you have dedicated space on the CSES bulletin boards, and add your graphics to the rotation on the TVs in Leo's. Reach out to the VP Publications at for more details.


Each student group will have the opportunity to have their student group's activities highlighted at least once throughout the school year. This can include a post on the CSES' social media, an Iron Times feature article, or something else - if you've got something in mind, just let us know!

Graphic Design Services: 

Get our graphic designers to create the posters you'll print for free, the aforementioned Iron Times & Leo's TV ads for your events, sweet banners or graphics for social media, or anything else creative you can think of!

Miscellaneous Conference Fund: 

We offer a Conference Fund that can help send delegates from your student group to conferences that aren't typically on our lineup! If you have one that could benefit your members, we would be thrilled to offer our support. For more details, see the Conferences page or reach out to our VP External at


Meeting Space:

The CSES office features a small conference room (up to 8 people). It's available for booking by CSES and its affiliated student groups anytime during our regular business hours. Check out our Room Booking page for more information or to book your next meeting!

C-Eng Presidents' Meeting:

A representative from your student group (typically the President, but you can send a proxy to fill in if they can't make it) will be invited to attend special monthly meetings with the other presidents of C-Eng's various groups and societies. Here we will update each other on current events, offer support on any present issues, and work together towards common goals. The aim of the President's Club is to unite all of C-Eng's groups and societies.

For more information on the affiliation process, or to apply for CSES affiliation for your student group,
see our Affiliate Application page.

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