Affiliated Student Groups are clubs that CSES formally recognizes in the Carleton Engineering community by providing support services. These include a variety of different types of student group, so be sure to check them all out by clicking on the corresponding button below!

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Department fo Electronics Society (DESoc)

To spread the knowledge of Electrical Engineering and its applications, create a safe and fun environment for DESoc's members, and aid DESoc's members with their own professional development.

Canadian Society for Civil Engineering - Carleton Chapter (CSCE)

The CSCE promotes the development, acquisition, and exchange of professional knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering and other similar disciplines. Supportive of the work of academics and private institutions, as well as different organizations that have dealt with Civil Engineering since 1887 and sister organizations, the CSCE also promotes Civil Engineering to the general public, governmental institutions in Canada, and abroad. The Carleton Chapter primarily represents the interests of Architectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Engineering and we are supported by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carleton. We aim to provide meaningful connections to professionals and career opportunities for students during their schooling at Carleton.

Carleton Mechanical & Aerospace Society (CMAS)

CMAS strives to enrich and promote the fields of mechanics, aeronautics, and astronautics by providing educational opportunities, academic support, services, and events to the Carleton Engineering community. Although CMAS's focus is on mechanical and aerospace engineering, collaboration between all engineering disciplines is welcomed and encouraged. CMAS promotes an open, positive, and safe environment for all students in their office in ME 3346.

Carleton University Biomedical Engineering Society (CUBES)

The Carleton University Biomedical Engineering Society (CUBES) exists to assist undergraduate biomedical engineering students at Carleton University. This is done by providing resources, hosting events, and keeping students up to date on important events in modern biomedical engineering. CUBES hopes to help the students involved in our society to further their academic and professional development.

IEEE Carleton Student Branch (IEEE)

IEEE Carleton is the student branch of IEEE, the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology. IEEE is involved in setting technological standards, organizing conferences, and bringing professionals together for everyone's benefit. As the student branch chapter, we aim to foster the development of students' technical skills and offer resources to help students network and collaborate with professionals. IEEE Carleton offers technical workshops, tools and space for making projects, textbooks/course materials, and networking opportunities. If you ever swing by our office, come say hi! Everyone is happy to help others out with course or project work.

Systems and Computer Engineering Society (SCESoc)

SCESoc, once defunct, is now alive and kicking! SCESoc is an active community and society for all streams in the Systems and Computer Engineering department. Although being a newly-revived society, we proudly offer many exciting events year-round, catering to both social and academic needs. Regular study sessions, summertime field trips, professional development panels, and friendly all-night programming competitions are just the beginning of what we have to offer. This led us to receive the Student Group of the Year Award at Reflections 2015, an award we are planning to honour for years to come. Furthermore, we have a quirky, friendly, and creative executive team and community that love having new members get involved, even if you are outside of the Systems and Computer Engineering department. Whether you're looking to expand your knowledge, your professional networking skills, your array of cool departmental merchandise, or your circle of friends, SCESoc is the place to start!

Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering Society (SREESoc)

We aim to promote the interests of sustainable and renewable energy-related fields and applications, serving primarily its membership and the Carleton University student population (secondarily, the interested public.) The society acts as a bridge between students and the sustainable and renewable energy industry. We shall strive to promote professional excellence and a sense of community among our members while developing positive relations with other student and external groups.

Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers (CITE)

Carleton University’s CITE Student Chapter comprises undergraduate and graduate civil engineering students interested in the transportation engineering profession. The student chapter works to build positive relationships between private industry partners and the local parent organization, the National Capital Region. By connecting students with transportation professionals, the chapter is able to build a positive working relationship that can develop into future prospects.

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Ravens Racing

Ravens Racing is composed of a multi-year, multidisciplinary range of engineering students all vying to put the theory learned in class toward designing, manufacturing, and testing formula-style race cars. Each year, we design, build, and test a brand new race car in order to compete in the Formula SAE series across North America.

Carleton University Simulator Project (CUSP)

The goal of the CUSP Team is to advance and finalize a state-of-the-art flight simulator that has been undergoing changes and alterations since 2002.

Carleton CuSat Design Project

To design and build a satellite to compete in the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge

Carleton University Crash Dummy

The purpose of CUCD is to perform a functional collision between a moving vehicle and bicycle. All aspects of the crash and dummy, including the biomechanics, dynamics, and sensing & instrumentation, are carried out by students.

Sustainable Energy Systems Portfolio

To improve student's design, communication and teamwork skills through the system level energy mix optimization of a chosen location. We aim to optimize the energy mix for a given location in such a way that the supply mix can provide the energy needs of the region using cleaner and sustainable energy systems.

Enhanced Engineering

At Enhanced Engineering our goal is to provide reliable engineering services with a focus on public safety. Our approach incorporates cost effective designs, while pushing the boundaries of today's sustainable design concepts. We are committed to building trustworthy relationships with our clients through professionalism, integrity, and passion.

Train Early Detection System

Fourth Year Project

WWB Project

This project focuses on the analysis of streetlight data to improve congestion in the City of Ottawa

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Carleton Troitsky Bridge Building Team

The Troitsky Bridge Building is an annual competition hosted by Concordia that will be celebrating its 34th running this upcoming year. Teams from universities and colleges across Canada and Vermont are tasked with building a bridge out of Popsicle sticks, white glue, dental floss, and toothpicks. These bridges must have a maximum span of 1.3m and a maximum height of 0.6m. This competition has participants go through the entire engineering process from designing to building to finally testing their bridges in Montreal. Each year, Carleton sends a delegation of 6 teams of 6 members to compete in this competition. It's an excellent opportunity for participants to experience the entire engineering process of conceptualization, development, analysis, construction, and testing of a design in a competitive and engaging atmosphere.

Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR)

GNCTR is the oldest engineering competition in Canada. Each year, Carleton sends a group of 20 to 25 students with their sled to the host school's location. The sleds are judged on a variety of aspects including safety, report, speed, maneuverability, braking, superstructure, concrete design, environmental impact, design, and more. This year, Carleton plans on making it down the hill as well!

Carleton Planetary Robotics Team

The Carleton Planetary Robotics Team (CPRT) is a student-run group aiming to design, build, and program a simulated Mars Rover to compete in international competitions.  Competitions include the University Rover Challenge (URC) at the Mars Desert Research Station near Hanksville, Utah, and the Canadian International Rover Challenge (CIRC) in Drumheller, Alberta.  All years and streams are welcome!

Blackbird UAV

The Blackbird UAV team provides Carleton students with practical project experience in the areas of aerospace design, payload systems, autonomous flight, wireless communication, and software development. The ultimate goal is to achieve a system that is competitive not only among academic institutions, but within the UAV industry. The team plans to work with possible commercial end-users in order to guide development and create relationships within industry. Our team also aims to promote research and development in the unmanned systems field, both at Carleton University and elsewhere. Furthermore, the team hopes to promote the commercial use of small UAVs and their integration into airspace both within Canada and internationally.

CU InSpace

We are CU InSpace, Carleton University’s rocket club. This team has the goal of competing at the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association’s competition held every year in Utah, the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition. This competition has grown and now includes competitors from Turkey, India, Egypt, Brazil, the United States, and Canada. Each university can create one rocket for each of the two levels of competition, the Basic Competition and the Advanced Competition. The goal of the Basic Competition is to launch a 10-lb payload closest to 10000 feet above ground level. The goal of the Advanced Competition is to launch a 10-lb payload closest to 23000 feet above ground level.

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CUE is Carleton Engineering's queer engineering society. Our goal is to provide and encourage a safe and open university environment for all students.

Carleton University FIRST Alumni Group (CUFIRST)

CUFIRST works to promote learning in STEM-related fields by connecting alumni of the FIRST robotics competition program. We encourage students to mentor teams by connecting them to new and existing teams, volunteer at events, and promote STEM. The goal of the organization is to promote and expand FIRST (For Inspiration and
Recognition of Science and Technology), its affiliated programs, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education both on campus and throughout the national capital region and surrounding area.

Carleton Women in Science and Engineering (CU-WISE)

A group of enthusiastic undergraduate and graduate students who encourage and support women to pursue an education or career in Science and Engineering

Emerging Green Professionals Carleton

The Emerging Green Professionals (EGP) Carleton Chapter is a student club  affiliated with the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). As EGPs, we support and are passionate about sustainable development and green building design. Our group works alongside the CaGBC to provide more learning and networking opportunities between like-minded students and working professionals in related fields.

Engineers Without Borders Carleton Chapter (cEWB)

Engineers Without Borders Carleton is a non-profit student group that aims to create opportunities for Canadian and African communities while finding sustainable solutions to extreme poverty in Africa. We focus on access to clean water, helping generate an income for small and growing businesses, and improved access to services and infrastructure needed to improve livelihoods. We aim to do this with our programs in Youth Engagement, Advocacy, Global Engineering, Fundraisers, and Member Learnings. We also partake in the Junior Fellowship program internship within a Canadian- or African-based venture. These programs engage our chapter members and the greater Carleton community. We continually host events and fundraisers encompassing the organization's vision that enable our programs to run within our Chapter and the greater community.

The Carleton Engineering Musical (C-Eng Musical)

The original intent of the C-Eng Musical was to bring a new creative outlet to an unlikely group of people, teaching engineering students to write, to sing, to dance, to act, to build, to paint, to organize, to advertise, and to entertain. It was to bring creativity, comedy, and joy to the lives of these extraordinarily hardworking and capable people. But thanks to the suggestion of Professor Ron Miller, who was an incredible resource advice (and narrator!) back in 2012, it became more than that. We decided to give our proceeds to charity and the tradition has continued ever since.


Our mission is to organize and host an annual MLH hackathon at Carleton University, where students can learn practical skills, enhance technical skills, make new friends, and create genuine connections with industry professionals.

Emerging Leaders In Solar Energy Carleton (ELSE Carleton)

Fostering and enabling an environment for solar technology adoption in Canada

Carleton Dragon Boat Club

The Carleton Dragon Boat Club aims to better ourselves and our teammates mentally and physically through the sport of paddling and to create a fun healthy environment which welcomes all students to be active and create relationships to last a lifetime.

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