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We know Carleton Engineering has no shortage of spirit. So every year we try to channel all that enthusiasm into various charity and awareness campaigns to do some good, and have a bunch of fun doing it!

Scroll down or click the buttons below to jump to some of the initiatives we run each year. If you have an idea for something similar we could get behind, please let us know! We'd love to hear your pitch at one of our meetings (anyone is welcome to attend, any time), or you can reach out to a specific member of Council by email.

Breast Cancer

Awareness Month

Blood bowl patch (main alt)


February Feel

Good Week

National Engineering Month

The C-Eng
Blood Bowl


CSES hosts the Breast Cancer Awareness Month fundraiser and campaign in October, in line with the Canadian Cancer Society's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A portion of the C-Eng pink sweater sales go towards Breast Cancer Research.


Your Boobies Directors this year are: 

Send them an email at, or the VP External at


The Movember campaign is a campaign set over the course of the month of November to raise money for prostate cancer research and men's mental health awareness.


Your Movember directors this year are: Riley Cameron-Rogers, Liamm Mirza, Ben Mostafa, and Tryton Harper


Send them an email at, or the VP External at


February Feel Good Week (FFGW) serves to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness through positivity and communication. We are also aiming to help alleviate stress during the hectic midterm period. From speakers, info booths, and help resources to yoga sessions, a bake sale, and bubble wrap popping: there is always something for everyone!


Your Mental Health Advocacy Directors this year are: Maria Velikanova

Send them an email at, or the VP Student Issues at


National Engineering Month (NEM) is C-Eng's spirit month. Taking place in March each year, NEM offers a jam-packed month of free food and coffee, stress-free events, guest speakers, and showcases to exemplify our purple pride and share the engineering profession with the community.


Your NEM Chair for this year is: Bailey Lenihan


Send them an email at, or the VP Academic at

Blood bowl patch (main alt)

In 2023, we brought back an old C-Eng tradition from decades ago, the C-Eng Blood Bowl! Compete with your stream society against all others to see who can donate the most blood! Anyone who donates walks away with swanky patches, and the winning society earns the right to show off the coveted Blood Chalice for the next year until they have to defend it at the following Blood Bowl. For more information, check out the Blood Bowl page by clicking the button below!


Your Blood Bowl Directors for this year are: Caitlin Laplante, Nelly Amechi, and James Dublin


Send them an email at, or the VP Social at

Blood Bowl
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