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The CSES Constitution is the corporation's bylaw, the core governing document outlining the structure and continuance of the corporation. It was updated in 2014 to abide by the new Not-for-Profit Corporations Act. 


The CSES Policy Manual outlines procedures and approved activities of CSES set forth by Council. It is updated to reflect current practices and new additions on an ongoing basis for long-term consistency.


The CSES Strategic Plan serves to guide the society's direction. It includes member priorities and guidelines on how to improve in the long term. The Strategic Plan should be updated every few years to stay relevant to the changing generations of C-Eng.

If you are interested in any documents that you don’t see here, or are curious about how we use this information to guide our direction as a society, please send an email to your VP Internal at


All members of CSES have the right to participate/vote at any General Meeting (GM) where a vote is held. If you're unable to attend, you may fill out the Proxy Form above (or a similar document with the same information) to authorize another member to vote on your behalf. Proxy forms are collected near the beginning of every GM.


Motion Forms are used to propose a change to the way CSES does things (typically ammending an existing policy). Motions are accepted at all official society meetings, although General Meetings serve as the main platform for members to raise motions.


Accountability is held at the end of every CSES General Meeting where feedback from the community is gathered to help the CSES team improve. Fill out the Accountability Form to give feedback to te CSES team. This form will be open until February 1.

If you or your student group has spent allocated CSES funds, use the Cheque Request Form to request to be reimbursed. All receipts or invoices are required in order for your request to be valid and must be submitted with the Cheque Request Form.

If you have any questions about requesting reimbursement, or need a form or document that you don’t see here, please send an email to your VP Finance at .

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