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A central part of CSES' purpose is advocating on behalf of all undergraduate engineering students at Carleton on matters like academic concerns. This collective bargaining power allows us to have a louder voice and enact greater change with courses, departments, or the faculty as a whole.


For issues regarding specific courses or professors, we recommend first trying to reach out to them directly to try and find a solution. If you try that and don't find the solution you're looking for, then please do let us know and any submitted concerns will be dealt with by the Vice-President Student Issues in conjunction with the Faculty of Engineering and Design promptly.

For more information, see our Academic Concerns page. You can also fill out the form here.

To submit feedback or complaints via email, you can also contact directly.


If you are in need of immediate assistance, call 9-1-1


Carleton Health and Counseling Services


Carleton has one of the most comprehensive arrays of health and counseling services of any university in the country. For an outline of all the services they offer and how you can access them, have a look at the slides below!

Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention Training

CSES regularly provides sexual harassment and assault prevention training seminars for student societies and regular students alike. Keep an eye on our socials (links at the bottom of the page) and announcements through our Discord server (accessible under "Services" at the top of the page) for information on the next session!

Here are the slides from our most recent seminar in October:

Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Prevention and Support Services

Carleton University's Department of Equity and Inclusive Communities has compiled a list of helpful books, online educational sources, and community support resources. It's linked below.

Safer Substance Use

Carleton University’s Umbrella Project Harm Reduction strategy aims to reduce stigma and promote safer substance use through education, outreach, and support. On the linked webpages, you will find information about substance use health and resources to support well-being.

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