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We're always looking for ways to improve, both in the ways we operate and the services and systems we offer, so please leave us some feedback if you notice something that could be better! 


Responses to the forms below are completely anonymous and sent directly to the team as soon as you hit 'submit'. If you'd like to leave a means for us to contact you, we'll reach out to follow up (e.g., if more information is needed) or to provide an update, but know that it's completely optional.

If you're looking for support on an issue regarding a course or a professor, see our Academic Concerns page.

If you want to reach out to an executive or councillor directly, you can find their contact information on our Our People page.


CSES believes that feedback from our members is essential to the successful operation and development of the Society. Verbally-guided Accountability Sessions are carried out at our three yearly General Meetings (FSGM, WGM, and AGM), where our Accountability Officer collects group feedback from all members present and passes it to the executive team anonymously.

The form below provides an alternative opportunity to submit feedback at any time. You may choose to remain anonymous using this feedback avenue as well.


Please keep the feedback constructive in nature. Comments that can be viewed as harmful or targeted in nature will not be tolerated.

For all things related to Council accountability, feel free to chat with our Accountability Officer. They can be reached at


We do our best to make sure this website is as complete, accurate, and straightforward to navigate and use as possible. That being said, it is always a work in progress, and assistance from our members is always appreciated! So, if you find an error, something that needs updating, or just have some suggestions regarding accessibility, please fill out the form below! 

You can also reach out to our VP Publications directly at

Website Suggestions

We are always striving to ensure that all the content that gets published—be it on our social media or to our various publications—is accurate, entertaining and/or informative, and follows our publication policies. If you identify an error, feel something shouldn't have been published, or have a suggestion for some fun future content, please leave it in
the form below.

Alternatively, you can reach out to our VP Publications directly at

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