EngBowl is the first CSES event after EngFrosh. It consists of a chill day of group sports activities. Bring your own sports equipment/balls and hang out at Brewer Park. First years, come on out and say hi to your old Heads and Facils and meet other people that are involved within the Carleton Engineering community. (As a side note, it seems to rain every year, so come prepared for the weather.)

C-Eng Does Homecoming

This Carleton-wide event is the first home football game of the year and also one of your opportunities to go purple! Purpling usually takes place the morning of the game in the grassy area between the Minto Centre and the Prescott residence building. Tickets are available in the CSES office for a discounted price and this ticket reserves your spot in the "engineering section" so make sure to get all swagged out in C-Eng merch.

Carleton Engineering Competition

The Carleton Engineering Competition (C-Eng-C) is an opportunity to put your ingenuity and communication skills to the test. The annual competitions are Design, Re-engineering, Communications, Debates, Programming, Consulting, and Innovation. Competition winners have the chance to compete at the Ontario Engineering Competition!

C-Eng Does Panda Game

Another football game, but this isn't your regular, everyday football game. This is an annual Carleton-wide event that takes place at Lansdowne Stadium, where the Carleton Ravens face off against the uOttawa Geegees to see who will take home the Panda Trophy. Tickets can be purchased in the CSES office if you want to sit in the "engineering section", but regular seating is available through Athletics. This is by far one of Carleton University's biggest events of the year!

EngFrosh Reunion

After EngFrosh has been over for a few months... it's high time for a reunion! For the past few years we have gone to see an Ottawa 67's hockey game at TD Place, where you get to sit and socialize with your old team while you cheer for another. Make sure to wear as much swag as possible and cheer as loudly as possible to show the hockey community what engineers are all about. Depending on the time of the game, we always do either a pre- or post-skate on the big TD Place ice rink for anyone who is coming to the game that is interested in skating.
(Tickets are sold in the CSES office)

Whirlwind: The C-Eng Semi Formal

Whirlwind is CSES' annual "themed" semi-formal dance held at Sala San Marco in Little Italy at the beginning of November. The night's agenda usually consists of the following: Dancing that starts a t 7 PM, snaks/appetizer platters served around 10:30 PM, more dancing, and the event wraps up around 1 AM. Most importantly, don't forget to get a quality picture from the free photo booth! (Pictures will be posted after the event!) While this is an engineering dance, like the majority of our events, everyone is welcome. Tickets may be purchased in the CSES office, but hurry: they tend to sell out very quickly!

Charity LAN I & II

Taking place once a semester, Charity LAN is a 24-hour gaming event with the purpose of raising money for a chosen charity, which is chosen every year. Players can participate in different tournaments such as Magic the Gathering, video games (Smash Bros, Rocket League, etc.) and board games. Prizes are awarded to winners, as well as tons of snacks for everyone throughout the 24-hour period. Players must bring their own laptop/computers and extension cords. Tickets will be sold in the CSES office for both tournaments and general admission.

Volunteer Appreciation Party (VAP)

Have you volunteered at Leo's or as a CSES director, councillor, or executive this semester? If the answer to that question was yes... good news! We want you to know that we appreciate the time and effort that you have dedicated to your position. Therefore, once per semester, CSES and Leo's Lounge collaborate to offer volunteers a fun night of karaoke and vouchers for food and/or drinks at the designated bar/pub. Of course, everyone is welcome to join the party, but only volunteers will receive vouchers.

C-Eng Does Capital Hoops

Similar to the Panda Game, this is a Carleton-wide event for which CSES facilitates ticket purchasing through our office (ME 3390). Capital Hoops Classics is an annual basketball game between Ottawa's rival universities, Carleton and uOttawa. The event takes place at the Canadian Tire Centre in Kanata and and transportation is provided by the university. (Naturally, we win every year. #CUproud)

Reflections: The Eng Formal & Awards Gala

The biggest social event of the year. Think of it as an engineering prom.. but it's definitely not just for graduating students! Reflections is a formal dinner and dance event, usually wrapping up the end of the National Engineering Month. You can splurge on a fancy dinner with friends during the awards ceremony or simply join us for the dance afterwards. Dinner tickets include both metal and dance (at 6 PM) while dance tickets only include the after-party of the evening (after 9 PM). Various awards are presented over dinner to commemorate the dedication of our volunteers, honour our grads, and laugh about the good times of the past year.