The Iron Times is C-Eng's monthly newspaper, published by CSES. We use the term "newspaper" a little lightly because the Iron Times is a paper of the people: we take submissions from students (many of whom are regular columnists) for funny, witty, inspiring, heartfelt, knowledgeable, stupid, silly, brilliant, revolutionary and not-so-revolutionary content. Sometimes there's news. Basically, whatever people want to write about.


Here's a sneak preview of our most recent issue, November 2022. Click the image to download the full thing, or pick up a copy from one of the (soon to be) black newsstands around campus!

Iron Times November 2022 - Front Page.png

Still want more? Here's an archive of all of our past issues: 


     Want to have your voice heard? Send an article to to be included in next months issue! Answer the questions, give us an update on your club/society! Tell us a story or write a random think-piece!
Anything goes!

You can expect to find the C-Eng Speaks form for the next issue announced in the 3300 Block Discord server a week or so after each issue gets released. Keep an eye out and make your voice heard!


This year's editors-in-chief are Kieron von Buchstab and Mya Binns, who can be reached at

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