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The CSES Executive and Council are made up of elected individuals. CSES holds elections in accordance with our Electoral Code at least twice a year to fill the seats of nine (9) Executives, fourteen (14) Program Councillors, and two (2) First Year Representatives.

Our Winter General Elections take place in the middle of the winter term and serve as our biggest election period, where we attempt to fill all Executive and Program Councillor seats for the upcoming societal year (May-April). All Electoral Documentation will be clearly posted, outlining the rules and dates for the election. Voting is done by electronic ballot.

Our Fall By-Elections take place early in the fall term and serve to fill our First Year Representative seats and any vacant Executive and Program Councillor seats. All Electoral Documentation will once again be clearly posted, outlining all rules and dates for the election. Voting is done by electronic ballot.

If necessary, we conduct Run-Off Elections at our General Meetings (FGM, WGM, and AGM.) These serve to fill any vacant seats on Council, whether still vacant from the recent election or due to the resignation of a member of Council. There is no Writ of Elections for Run-Off Elections due to their spontaneous nature. Rather, candidates are nominated on the spot, allocated a few minutes to speak and answer questions, and then voting via paper ballots is conducted and tallied during the meeting.

Sometimes, we also run Referendums in order to get a unified opinion or approval on something we are hoping to change, or something for which we received a petition to address with the membership. The Writ of Referenda will be clearly posted, outlining the rules and dates for the referendum; it will include nomination ("for" and "against" committees), campaign, and voting periods. Voting is done by electronic ballot.

Voting for General Elections and By-Elections is done by electronic ballot. This will be emailed to your

official Carleton Cmail account when the voting period begins. You can find the dates of the voting period

in the Writ of Elections. Voting for Referendums is carried out in the same way.

Run-Off Elections have no formal campaigning or voting periods due to their spontaneous nature and voting is carried out via paper ballots at the General Meetings as necessary.

How to Vote

Click the buttons below to access the most recent iterations of our electoral documents and forms. These are typically updated and released a few weeks before the nomination period begins for the upcoming election. You can find a step-by-step rundown of the election process and how these documents apply to it by clicking here.

Documents and Forms

Unofficial results for General Elections and By-Elections will be posted here shortly after the voting period ends (typically within a few days thereof). Once the results have been ratified at the Annual General Meeting, these official results will also be posted below.


Archived election results from years past are also accessible by clicking the corresponding button below, as can their unofficial counterparts by clicking the "U" button beside each. For the results of Run-Off Elections, please see the minutes from the general meeting at which they were discussed and voted upon.


For the currently serving members of the Executive team and broader Council, see the Our People page.

2024 Winter General Election
2023 Winter General Election
2021 Winter General Election
2024 Fall By-Election
2023 Fall By-Election
2022 Fall By-Election
2021 Fall By-Election
2017 Fall By-Election

If you have any questions, concerns, or general comments about any part of the election process, feel free to reach out to our Chief Electoral Officer at

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