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The C-Eng Blood Bowl


The Blood Bowl happens but once each school year, but the average person can donate up to 7 times annually! Only donations in the last 84 days count towards the Blood Bowl, but you can earn extra patches (those swanky little droplets scattered around this page) for each donation you make outside that period. Other things like getting on the stem cell registry or donating plasma can get you patches, too, as can encouraging and accompanying multiple people while they donate! Check out all the ways to earn a blood droplet patch below: 

Donate More Blood

Same idea as the Blood Bowl, just do it more times throughout the year! There's never a bad time

to donate blood. More donations means more droplet patches, plus a better shot at the

Biggest Heart patch.

For details on how to get started, see the "How to Donate" section on the Main Blood Bowl Page.

Encourage Multiple People to Donate 

Ineligible to donate? That's alright; we got you. Donating blood can be scary, so you can still be a huge help and contribute to the cause by offering your moral support to others. Grab a few friends and accompany them while they donate and you'll not only earn points for the Blood Bowl, but every person after the first earns you a blood droplet patch! Encourage enough people to donate, and you might even earn the Sanguine Guide patch...  

To take a gander at all the patches up for grabs, see the "Patches" section on the Main Blood Bowl Page.

Get Swabbed for Stem Cell Matches

Not-so-fun fact: if you're trying to find a match for stem cell transplantation, even close family members have less than a 20% chance of being a match. So it's super important for us all to get swabbed and get entered into the registry.

Plus, it's super easy! Just set up your account with Canada Blood Services (which you should already have if you've donated blood), pick up a kit from the CSES Office, and follow the instructions on the box! It's super easy, super quick, and you get a patch for it. It's literally free real estate.

Donate Plasma

Donating plasma, besides sounding really cool, is just as easy as donating blood! It just takes a bit longer (typically about an hour). And it's yet another way to get a droplet patch, so like...why wouldn't you?

For details on how to get started, click the link below!


Have you done another altruistic thing that you think qualifies you for an extra patch?

Shoot an email to the Blood Bowl Directors at


You can also check out our social media and reach out to us there, or contact the VP Publications directly at

If you have any other feedback that you would like to give anonymously (or not), please fill out the Publications Feedback Form and it will be forwarded to the VP Publications for review.

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