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The nine executive officers are responsible for ensuring that CSES achieves its goals, serves the student body fairly, and remains accountable for its actions. They all hold regular office hours during the school year (in the CSES Office, ME 3390) and can be reached via email for platform-specific inquiries.

Scroll or click one of the buttons below to find out a bit more about your current lineup of executives and what's under their purview.


Ryan Campbell

5th Year Software

Welcome (or welcome back) to your home away from home, C-Eng! For those who don't know me, I am a 5th-year Software Engineering undergrad. I hope you're as excited as I am to get cracking into the 2022-23 year! I'm looking forward to meeting and working with you all to make sure that you make the most out of your time here at Carleton. If you want to learn more about CSES, stop by our office in Mackenzie 3390 There are always opportunities to get involved with CSES and the community at large so make sure you're staying up to date by following our socials. See you soon!


  • Literally everything
  • Like all at once
  • I don't know how he manages it all, honestly
VP Internal - Shaun Seneviratne_edited.jpg

Shaun Seneviratne

3rd Year Aerospace A

Howdy C-Eng! I'm Shaun and I am your VP Internal for this year! I am in my 3rd year of Aerospace Engineering (Stream A) with a minor in business. As VP Internal, a lot of my work is behind the scenes but some notable items include Ring Day, Awards, Pewter Mugs and anything technical. As we shift back in person, CSES will have loads of opportunities to get involved and apply for directorships too! I hope to see you around campus or in our office ME 3390. If you ever have any questions, feel free to send me an email at


  • Behind-the-scenes administrative and technical things to help things run smoothly
  • Pewter mug sales

  • Planning Ring Day

VP Internal
VP Finance - Kass Hammond.jpg

Kass Hammond

3rd Year Aerospace A

Hello C-Eng! I'm Kass and I'm your VP Finance for the remainder of this year. I'm in third year Aero A with a minor in math. Though I'm only here for a short time, my goals include improving the communication of the Finance portfolio so you can always understand where your money is going. In addition, I'm working to expand what we can offer for our student groups, like insurance coverage and bank accounts. Finally, I want to train as many students as I can to take on Finance roles in the future. Taking feedback from the membership is a priority for me, especially as we look towards drafting next year's budget. If you ever want further information about money, reach out! I would be happy to give you a rundown. In terms of money, we have it; and I'm responsible for keeping it that way. 


VP Finance
VP Student Issues - Willem Smulders (sq).jpg

Willem Smulders

4th Year Aerospace A

Hello C-Eng! I'm Willem, this year's VP Student Issues! I'm going into my 4th year of Aerospace Engineering, stream A. I'm so excited to work with everyone this coming year in my role and I've got some new stuff coming up, including some more workshops/seminars on mental health recognition, well-being, and general awareness and support seminars. Along with just generally keeping the initiatives you already know and love (like FFGW!). If there's any issues or topics that speak to you personally and you'd like to spread the word about and raise awareness of, reach out to me and let's see if we can work something out :)


VP Student Issues
VP External - Ayesha Dassanake (sq).jpg

Ayesha Dassanayake

3rd Year Aerospace B

Howdy C-Eng! I'm Ayesha and I'll be your swanky VPX this year! I’m in my 3rd year of Aerospace Engineering (Stream B). As VPX, I communicate with external organizations such as the Engineering Student Societies' Council of Ontario (ESSCO) and the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) and get to send some of you to their super cool conferences. I am also involved with Movember, Boobies, and the C-Eng hockey team. Feel free to reach out about these cool opportunities or just to say hi!


VP External
VP Academic - Gavin O_Connor (sq).jpg

Gavin O'Connor

2nd Year Mechanical

Hey there C-Eng! I’m Gavin O’Connor, I’m in my second year of Mechanical Engineering and am super excited to be your VP Academic for the 2022-2023 academic year! As VP Academic, I’ll be running the Carleton Engineering Competition (C-Eng-C) in November so stay tuned for that. I also run National Engineering Month (NEM), as well as a variety of Academic Workshops over the course of the year! I look forward to meeting you all as the year progresses!


VP Academic
VP Social - Chloe Lucas 2.jpg

Chloe Lucas

4th Year Mechanical

Blurb loading...


VP Social
VP Services - Chris Montague - NewAndLessFunVersion_edited.jpg

Chris Montague

4th Year Aerospace A

Hello everyone I am Christopher Montague and I am this year's VP Services. I am a fourth-year Aero A student. My job as VP Services is to be your hook-up for anything merch related, whether that be sweaters, patches, or stickers. I can also get you a sweet boardroom if you want to study as a group and the library is just too much. Another item in my portfolio is Leo’s Lounge which is a volunteer-run cafe that has the cheapest and best food on campus. We keep costs down by having our entire staff be volunteers so if you think that is something you might want to help out with please sign up. I also run a textbook trade in early September so if you are looking for some textbooks for cheap I might be able to help, either by selling you one or letting you loan one through our textbook library. If you have any ideas you want to be added to the store please stop me in the halls and tell me. You can usually find me in the office, ME 3390. You can also email me through 


VP Services
VP Publications
VP Pubs - Alex Barnett-Sheldon (sq).jpg

Alex Barnett-Sheldon

8th Year Mechanical

Ahoy, folks! As your VP Pubs, I oversee all the snazzy ads and posters you see put out by CSES. I also manage our super neat engineering newspaper, The Iron Times, our super cool podcast, The Gong Show, and the sah-weet CSES website where you can find out about what we do, events we're running, the many services we offer, and other handy stuff! Check it out! (hint: you're already here). I'm also pioneering our new custom embroidery service, so you'll be able to get small batches of custom patches made real soon, and I'm reviving the C-Eng Blood Bowl of old (it's like Societal Wars, but for a good cause) so catch that in March and give us your life juice! 


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